Mobile Access for Change Management

It’s becoming more critical with pressure product development cycles that any delays in the tedium of business processes eliminated from essential activities. The importance of the PLM change management processes to approve or reject part specifications and documents is critical to controlled management of bringing a rapidly evolving product to market. The same processes that ensure the safety, accountability and responsibility of controlled change also hampers the speed to market and slows the product development cycle time.

Ever experience delays in getting change approvals while the approver was away from the computer? The cumulative lag from delayed approvals is a significant contributor to the approval cycle times which has quantifiable impacts up to 25% to the product development timeline. What if you could extend the Oracle Agile PLM to your Blackberry or I-Phone, and get alerted to your approval task list just like email messages, at any time?

PLM XL Approve delivers just that, approvals anywhere. You can inspect the change, view the affected items, download and view attachments and take action while waiting for your coffee.

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