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“We were quickly able to develop a trusting partnership which was evidenced by the process associated with Xavor's Services. By and large, we would recommend Xavor partnership.”

Bobby D’Anna, Change Analyst

Zero Motorcycles
“We really like the flexibility that xEngine has. Xavor is both easy to reach and easy to work with. We felt free to come to Xavor about any changes we had during our implementation process.”

Manager for ERP

Telcom Equipment Company
"Xavor's xEngine helped us have more control over service processes within Salesforce. It created a direct link with engineering across different systems, helping them report issues instantly and obtain a solution."

Customer Support Manager

Medical Device Company
Auto Value Generator

Auto Value Generator

Automated form-fill for easier data entry

Eco Dasahboard

ECO Dashboard

Dashboard to assess and approve changes

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