Automate, Speed-up, and Simplify

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When you’ve got a large volume of items to create or modify, UI Wizard leads users through the complexities, templates can be pre-defined, attributes are auto-filled based on selections.

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When you want to minimize errors, UI Wizard validates data in real time and stops the next step until the correct data is entered.

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When you need to manage data, UI Wizard guides the data flow for creation of multiple records, and determines the appropriate list of values for each data attribute.

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Ease of Use

When you want to minimize training, hover-over context sensitive help aids users where Agile is not intuitive.

Powerful Features to Empower Your Users

Extended utility with Agile PLM objects:

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“We were quickly able to develop a trusting partnership which was evidenced by the process associated with Xavor's Services. By and large, we would recommend Xavor partnership.”

Bobby D’Anna, Change Analyst

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“We really like the flexibility that xEngine has. Xavor is both easy to reach and easy to work with. We felt free to come to Xavor about any changes we had during our implementation process.”

Manager for ERP

Telcom Equipment Company
Agile PLM users face immense difficulty in creating records as each one contains hundreds of fields that can vary based on business unit, product line, or other factors. Writing custom codes requires users to...
By: Sanveed Adnan

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