Industry-Leading Products to Automate, Simplify and Extend your Agile PLM


Document Portal

Provide Real-Time Document Access to Non-Agile Users without Additional Cost


Assist+ Tooltips

Revive Agile PLM with In-form Tooltips to Facilitate Accurate Date Entry


Automation Engine

Automate Intuitively and Boost Productivity without a Single Line of Code


UI Wizard

Transform your Agile PLM Experience with Custom Interface and Automation

UX Add-ons

  • Assist+ Tooltips

    In-form tool tips that are easy to access and provide information in multimedia

  • Auto Value Generator

    Auto-fill and automation features based on pre-determined criteria

  • Auto Revision Generator

    Generates revision of affected items on the basis of certain rules

  • UI Wizard

    Guides users through content specific questions and automates the creation of Agile records

Productivity Add-ons

  • Excel Integration

    Implement PLM changes directly from Excel. Enable automatic sync-up of data

  • ECO Dashboard

    Single dashboard for ECO approvals to minimize clicks in the approval process

  • BOM Configurator

    Defines rules for variant management as well as creates variants using these rules

Data and Reporting Add-ons

  • Cost Modelling Tool

    A robust analysis of product costs across the value chain. Integration with organization's PLM and ERP to consolidate data

  • xReport (Data Reporting)

    Make complex reports without writing a single line of code. Improve analysis and decision-making

  • Change Cycle Report

    Generates workflow cycle report in excel format which calculates the time it takes for the specified changes to move from one status to another

  • Employee Training Records Tracking

    A set of automation and reports which tracks training records and plans for all employees in the organization

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Bobby D’Anna, Change Analyst

Zero Motorcycles
“We really like the flexibility that xEngine has. Xavor is both easy to reach and easy to work with. We felt free to come to Xavor about any changes we had during our implementation process.”

Manager for ERP

Telcom Equipment Company
"Xavor's xEngine helped us have more control over service processes within Salesforce. It created a direct link with engineering across different systems, helping them report issues instantly and obtain a solution."

Customer Support Manager

Medical Device Company

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