No-Code Revolution for Your PLM Administration

  • Eliminate the cost of contracting developers for basic automation actions.

  • Enable quick automations through easy configuration steps.

  • Reduce errors through automation and increase accuracy of work.

  • Attach multiple custom actions to any event to obtain your desired automation.

  • Empower users to accomplish more by automating arduous tasks.

Supported Events (Triggers) and Actions

Events (Agile PLM)


Approve for Workflow

To perform action on change approval

send notification

Send Notification

Notifications can be sent to agile user or email addresses (non-Agile users).

reject workflow

Reject for Workflow

To perform action when change is rejected



Incorporation and Un-incorporation of items can be performed

change status of workflow events

Change Status for Workflow Event

To perform action on status change of Workflow

add of remove reviewers

Add/Remove Reviewers

Reviewers can be added/removed at workflow status.

update title block

Update Title Block

To perform action when information of Title block is updated

copy value

Copy values

Values in the fields of one object can be copied to another linked object.

process extension

Process Extension

To perform action when PX is triggered from Action or Tools menu

set default

Set Defaults

Default values can be set on the object.

create object

Create Object

To perform action at the time of object creation



New objects can be created and linked to the existing objects.

save as object

Save As Object

To perform action on creating object using Save As feature



Validation can be performed based on some predefined conditions.

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Running your Agile PLM infrastructure smoothly requires a great deal of administrative work to coordinate, connect and validate the work being done on and through Agile PLM.
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