What is Assist+?

Assist+ is your Agile PLM help tool, empowering you to work effortlessly within the PLM system. It provides instant context-aware explanations for every field, step-by-step guidance for complex workflows, personalized customization options, and features that foster collaboration and knowledge sharing.  With Assist+, you can navigate Agile with confidence, boost efficiency, enhance data quality, and drive innovation, all the while staying up to date with the latest features and regulations. 

Enable Your Users to Enter Data Accurately, Easily and Consistently

  • interactive tips one click away

    Interactive Tips One Click Away

  • Boost Efficiency with Instant Guides 

    Boost Efficiency with Instant Guides

  • Personalized User Interface

    Color Coded Agile PLM Attributes

  • Keep Users Informed with Evolving Content 

    Keep Users Informed with Evolving Content

  • Timely Event Notifications

  • Assistance Tailored to Roles & Privileges icon

    Assistance Tailored to Roles & Privileges

  • Reduced Training Time & Costs

  • Enhanced Accuracy & Data Quality

Leverage Features Designed to Assist You Every Step of the Way

  • Optimize the User Experience

    Optimize the User Experience

    Assist+ content tailored to user-roles and class/sub-class attributes using a feature-rich text editor.
  • Enhance Your Visual Experience

    Enhance Your Visual Experience

    Customize color themes for organizational roles and class/sub-class attributes.
  • Pin


    Utilize the pin feature to position and expand callouts securely in the bottom-right corner, ensuring simultaneous visibility of other attribute callouts on hover.
  • Instant Recognition of Updates

    Instant Recognition of Updates

    The updated text feature ensures users are promptly aware of recent changes to Assist+ content. It highlights the updated text in vibrant yellow for easy identification.
  • Seamless Data Mobility

    Seamless Data Mobility

    Our data import/export feature enables effortless data transfer between servers, ensuring a smooth process without compromising data or configuration settings.
  • Boost Interactivity

    Boost Interactivity

    Easily embed external links to websites, documents, audio, videos, and more using this feature for seamless navigation and access.
  • Assist+ Notification Feature

    Assist+ Notification Feature

    Use a dynamic top-bar notification feature that delivers instant updates, maintenance schedules, and critical announcements for a community that stays well-informed.
  • Different Language Support

    Different Language Support

    Enable a global experience with different language support, facilitating seamless communication and interaction across various languages.

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