Scalable Design

Modular design to facilitate scalability of integrations up to anticipated magnitude of participating system. No additional backend work required.
Easily Deployable

Easily Deployable

Quick and flexible deployment with simple configurations. Easy system integration for developers across operating systems.


Effortless information exchange between platforms. Robust and reusable interfaces (both inbound and outbound) to send and receive data messages.


Full system visibility using web interface. Maintenance of key information about message processing and ability to track activities by audit log.

Extensive Adapter Footprint

Extensive Adapter Footprint

The ERP adapters connect your Agile PLM to the central management software for the organization such as SAP, Salesforce, and SharePoint. This enables admin to manage users, send notifications across platforms and maintain employee records.

CAD Tool Adapters

CAD tool adapters for AutoCAD, Altium, OrCAD and others assist in creating functional, and informative diagrams and Bill of Materials (BOMs) that empower users to fast-track diagram creation and supply management.

Database Adapters

Data base adapters allow businesses to connect Agile PLM to several databases such as MySQL, Oracle Database, IBM DB2, and more to make import and export of data possible.

File System Adapters

File System Adapters empower users to access multiple filetypes such as .txt, .JSON, XML, CSV, and others.

LMS Adapters

Essential LMS Adapters like Cornerstone, Edu Net, and Compliance Wire make learning and training of specific employees possible through integration with Agile PLM.

Use Cases

  • “The company migrated from Arena PLM to the Agile PLM and were using custom utility for integration with their ERP NetSuite. Every time they added new fields in the PLM, they had to modify the code of the custom utility to accommodate them. They wanted an automated and robust tool for integration with Agile PLM which could also handle new fields dynamically.


    With the help of the xEngine and its NetSuite Adapter, they were able to integrate their data between Agile PLM and NetSuite, and dynamically add new fields when required. 


    -Data Storage Hardware Manufacturing Company

  • “The client recently migrated to Microsoft Dynamics AX as their ERP solution and required a complex set of bidirectional integration use cases between Agile PLM and Microsoft Dynamics AX, involving custom workflows.


    With its Microsoft Dynamics AX adapter, xEngine was able to cater to all integration use cases within the company and assist internal teams in gleaning data insights with no extra work. ”


    -Media Systems Provider

  • “The manufacturing giant was previously using different tools like SCM Net, PS/SQL packages, multiple Oracle Web Services and custom-built utilities for integrating their systems. These include Oracle EBS, OrCAD and other custom applications. Recently, the company migrated from Agile PLM to Oracle Cloud PLM to improve system adoption.


    Xavor provided a unified integration experience for them by combining the integrations with Oracle Cloud PLM, Oracle EBS, OrCAD and other custom applications using only a single instance of xEngine with its Oracle Cloud PLM, Oracle EBS, OrCAD and Database adapter. ”


    -Semiconductor Manufacturer

  • “The manufacturing company needed a system for maintaining training documents and sharing them outside their organization. Since security was a major concern for them, the PLM portal was a good fit for their integration needs.


    Along with the PLM Portal, the company was already using Cornerstone for managing training profile of their users. Integrating the two platforms became a major business requirement. xEngine was able to handle all their integration use cases among Agile PLM, PLM Portal and Cornerstone. ”


    -Surgery Tools Manufacturer 

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    “We were quickly able to develop a trusting partnership which was evidenced by the process associated with Xavor's Services. By and large, we would recommend Xavor partnership.”

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    “We really like the flexibility that xEngine has. Xavor is both easy to reach and easy to work with. We felt free to come to Xavor about any changes we had during our implementation process.”

    Manager for ERP

    Telcom Equipment Company
    Agile PLM users face immense difficulty in creating records as each one contains hundreds of fields that can vary based on business unit, product line, or other factors. Writing custom codes requires users to...
    By: Sanveed Adnan

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