Ensure Regular Support from Oracle

Resolve Frequently Occurring Bugs

Thrive Alongside Evolving Business Needs

Xavor has perfected a timeline over its decade-long experience in digitizing organizations and has scaled the entire upgrade process between two to six months.

Leverage the Latest Features of Agile PLM


Continuity of Support

Benefit from Oracle’s PLM support services on the latest version


Enhance User Experience

Revamp your experience with automations and bug fixes


Seamless Workflow Management

New, improved features to add visibility and accessibility

Improve Decision-Making

Intuitive, real-time dashboards for effective project tracking and deliveries management.

Faster Time to Market

Accelerate new product development with added functionality

Xavor’s Premium Agile PLM Upgrade Journey

Agile PLM Upgrades with Xavor follow a process that has been designed keeping our clients at the center through every step of the way:


Architecture and Hardware Recommendation

Database Upgrade

File Manager Upgrade

System Validation




PLM Upgrade Experience​

Xavor’s premium Agile PLM upgrade experience includes:

Performance Testing

Load/performance testing against the industry benchmark to assess your specific requirements accurately and avoid post-upgrade performance degradation

Fast Delivery

Delivering a fully upgraded Agile PLM within two to six months

Upgrades All

Ensuring across-the-board upgrades for all of your existing customizations 

Decompiled Source

Decompiling source code to verify that the correct version gets moved, in case of a lost source code 

Upgrade Hosts

Upgrading your existing Hosting or Managed Services contract at no additional cost

Delta Trainings

Providing delta training to familiarize and prepare users for new features, and fast-tracking learning period. 

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