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8 PLM Enhancements that can Redefine your Agile Experience

Modern-day innovation requires manufacturers to enhance their PLM (Product life-cycle management) system’s functionalities and make it resilient and responsive.

While there are numerous ways to innovate and add functional enhancements – one key method is employing PLM ad-ons. Installing the right PLM add-on can help improve the workflows, ensure better visibility and accessibility, and optimize user experience.

If you are a business leader who is exploring options to add more to their PLM solution’s capabilities, here is a brief yet comprehensive guide by our experts.

Why Should You Read It?

There are numerous learning outcomes – notably on the functional enhancement, innovation, process improvement, and connectivity side. However, the most important of all is a guidance on how to optimize user experience for your teams for better performance and innovation.

Moreover, once you employ the add-ons, you can expect to:


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