Executive Summary

For EAS (Document Control Manager), controlling PLM document access was a big challenge. His teams from sales and manufacturing needed certain documents for their daily routine operations, but the company’s protocol didn’t allow full access to everyone because of the security risks. An internal proposal to obtain separate individual licenses was scrapped due to a very high cost of licensing.

Therefore, EAS had to find out an affordable and viable alternative – and with that in mind, he reached out to Xavor Corporation for help. He brought on ‘Xavor’s PLM Document Portal’ to manage document access and improve workflow across the sales and manufacturing infrastructure.

After a thoughtful analysis and case review, Xavor’s engineers implemented this custom add-on to help The Medtech manufacturer easily manage document access. As a result, EAS’s colleagues from sales, marketing, and manufacturing were able to access their desired PLM documents without compromising on security or buying expensive individual licenses.


A Medtech manufacturer in the medical aesthetics industry delivers sophisticated technology that assists in medical procedures, helping patients and physicians alike.

They were looking to find a viable solution to their “Document Access Control” challenge without compromising security and buying expensive individual licenses.

This case study debriefs readers on the solutions Xavor provided within the Agile PLM framework to improve workflow and access to documents for manufacturing and sales staff at the med-device manufacturing company.

The Challenge

The client’s manufacturing and sales teams heavily rely on the PLM data to manage production, approval, and product innovation. To access the required documents, teams had to request PLM managers for print-outs. The process was slow, inefficient, and heavily comprised their productivity. It also took autonomy to manage operations away from the teams.

The med-device manufacturer had two options to combat this problem; either it could share documents with teams in the form of print-outs or it could purchase user licenses for each member. Sharing print-outs would mean that staff would be able to access documents without any hurdles, but it would heavily compromise the data security.

Similarly, purchasing a user license for every staff member would incur hefty costs on the client since it had a sizeable staff. This would also pose risks of users accessing previous versions of the documents or making accidental edits that, in turn, would compromise data integrity. The risk of errors and rework cycles could also increase, thus comprising productivity.

The Solution

Xavor empowered the Medtech manufacturer to address these problems through its premium PLM Document Portal solution. It allowed read-only access to the manufacturing and sales staff which eliminated the need for the client to invest in user licensing.

The read-only access to sensitive PLM documents ensured that the staff could not make any accidental changes to the documents. So, the staff could access the relevant content at any time without posing a risk to data integrity.

It also prevented them from accidentally looking at older versions of a document, reducing the number of overall errors and rework cycles. Xavor’s PLM Document Portal enabled the client to give access to its PLM documents to a much wider variety of people without introducing any additional risk.

‘Xavor’s PLM Document Portal offered a central repository for training documents for our surgeons and physicians. With a rich UI, the portal freed us of reliance on Agile licenses and interface.’

EAS, Document Control Manager

Outcomes and Benefits

Xavor’s PLM Document Portal not only helped their main challenge but also provided several other advantages:


EAS and his colleagues at The med-device manufacturing company were highly satisfied with improved workflow because of the newly implemented solution. They were able to ensure document access in line with security and other organizational protocols and improve team’s productivity. From continuous data-backups to fortified data security, the powerful features of this portal completely transformed user experience for The med-device manufacturing company.

Xavor Corporation has spent 25 years digitizing organizations and enabling them to perform at their best potential. Xavor premium Agile PLM add-ons and extensions help cut unnecessary expenses and puts businesses on their way to success.

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