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A global leader in computer manufacturing was using Agile PLM as an ideation engine, particularly for innovation-critical projects. With the growing workforce, their team realized that difficult software navigation was one of the challenges for newcomers and was also causing a delay in critical projects.

Since the organization was an industry leader, innovation was crucial for it to thrive, and any such delays were very costly for them.

They partnered with Xavor to fix the issue for them. Xavor's engineers implemented Assist+, a custom PLM add-on to make the PLM UI and navigation an engaging experience. The add-on was configured as per the client's needs, and it fixed the navigation challenge for their untrained Agile users.


The well-known computer manufacturers have consistently grown for over three decades and diversified their operations five years ago. Due to the nature of their products, the organization relies on continuous improvement principles and innovative methods to keep its position as one of the market leaders. Agile PLM plays a central role in this organization's goal of innovation and product improvement. Their team of designers, engineers, and operations stakeholders need to operate and edit Agile PLM without difficulty.

However, most professional employees are not familiar with Agile PLM. The monotonic and restrictive UI of the software also makes the experience more challenging. The client required a solution that would help employees actively familiarize themselves with everyday actions and procedures within PLM. The goal was to improve employee knowledge on Agile PLM and reduce the number of errors made while using Agile PLM. Achieving this goal would increase the impact of Agile PLM on product innovation and overall employee productivity.''


The industry-leading computer manufacturer sought a solution to find an effective tool that would guide PLM users intuitively and contacted Xavor with their story. After carefully analyzing the client situation and potential solutions, Xavor engineers recommended using "Assist+" – their custom PLM add-on to help the computer company.

''Assist+ is an in-form tooltips provider that works through mouse hover-over help and other guiding material while users work at the field level. It works within the Agile PLM infrastructure without any need for additional hardware. It provides users with directions and notifications about changes and regulatory or company policy requirements during the design and manufacturing process.

Xavor configured the add-on to suit the specific requirements of the client. The configuration included setting up role-specific instructions and updating the help text with information relevant to the client's use. The configuration process required a single day, while the add-on installation took a total of 30 mins.


The client's aim was to empower its Agile users with intuitive and efficient help. By installing Assist+ for their Agile PLM infrastructure, the client was able to:


As a result of this installation, the computer manufacturer made their team's onboarding easy and the Agile experience fun. Xavor's Assist+ proved helpful by giving in-field assistance and guidance as advertised. Through Assist+, the client was able to meet its objective of improving productivity through Agile PLM.

This is one of those hundreds of success stories where Xavor Corporation helped its clients achieve their business goals. Over the last three decades, Xavor has been assisting businesses with innovative technology solutions. Oracle Agile PLM is one of its core competencies where it has custom add-ons and products tailored to clients' specific needs. If you face similar challenges and need Agile PLM services or support, feel free to reach out.

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