Executive Summary

The PLM team at a med-device manufacturing company reported to their Document Control Manager about a consistent error in viewing and downloading files from Agile PLM. The error caused inaccessibility to all documents hosted on Agile.

The Manager looked into the matter and found that these files were being downloaded in a corrupted format, which was the reason they could not be viewed. She suspected that this error was related to the browser the PLM team were using to view and download the files.

After collecting the necessary information, the Documentation Control Manager forwarded a ticket to Xavor, who provided Agile PLM support and maintenance services to the company. Xavor quickly identified this issue to be a frequently occurring bug in Agile version 9.3.4 which caused files to be corrupted by converting them to an inaccessible format. Xavor’s team of PLM experts quickly sourced the hot-fix released by Oracle (Patch and installed this as an update to resolve the issue on client’s end.

Within 24 hours, Xavor was able to successfully install the patch and informed the manager. The team confirmed that the issue had been resolved as they were able to access files as per routine and were able to continue operations after a brief period of downtime.


A med-device manufacturing company has employed Xavor’s Agile PLM support services for six years. They require an effective partner for maintenance and support to ensure that their PLM continues to be useful and productive.

A bug that corrupted Agile PLM files occurred in the medtech manufacturer’s system, causing all operations that required PLM documents to halt. They required immediate identification and resolution of the bug in order to continue operations. This case study expands on the nature of the bug and the efficient method of resolution Xavor employed.

The Challenge

The client's Agile users complained about a bug causing PLM files to be inaccessible upon viewing or downloading. The med-device manufacturing company reached out to Xavor to resolve the issue on Agile PLM version 9.3.4. This error was due to a pre-existing bug in the stock version of Agile PLM that caused all documents to be downloaded in a corrupted file format. Since the files were corrupted when downloaded, users were unable to read or access any files.

The Solution

As soon as this issue was communicated, the bug was identified as a commonly occurring problem for which Oracle had released a patch that served as a hot-fix.

Xavor addressed the bug affecting the client’s Agile PLM by installing the patch ( within 24 hours. This was kept on hand by Xavor as hot-fix solution in case any clients faced this particular issue. Minimum required time was taken to install the patch for their PLM and their team was notified.


The Medtech manufacturer’s PLM users gained access to download and view all files normally. The issue of corrupted files was not repeated. The client’s team was completely satisfied, following the successful installation of the patch.

The PLM users had faced the issue on a singular browser, but after the hot-fix was installed, it cleared any doubts about their browser’s performance. Xavor additionally tested to make sure that the access to documents was possible from any browser.


The med-device manufacturing company learnt that such problems are resolved swiftly via hot-fix and patch support and it would facilitate the productivity of Agile Users. Transparency and strong communication are upheld while resolving a raised ticket, which serves as learning for PLM users and reduces the chances of recurring errors.

The bug-fix support case is an example of Xavor’s 24/7 support services and the fast pace of communication with valued clients. It indicates the preparedness of Xavor’s team of PLM experts as well as the ability to listen and solve problems effectively. The helpdesk support is also exemplary and outmatches the usual standards of helpdesk services being offered in the industry, with over 6000 solved tickets under its belt.

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