Our client – a prominent semiconductor manufacturer, headquartered in Irvine, CA – has been using Oracle Agile PLM for product management and innovation.

The company has been using Agile PLM 9.3.4 for a while, but in the face of continuously evolving industry standards and customer expectations, the version’s functionalities and experience became a bottleneck. On the other hand, upgrading to a newer version was a risky process as it could result in prolonged downtime, performance issues, and severe security breaches.

To fix the issue, the client was looking for an affordable, quick, and secure upgrade service to improve productivity, enhance visibility, and streamline workflows across the infrastructure with minimal downtime.

They reached out to Xavor with this challenge, requesting a technical analysis and solution. After thoroughly examining workflows and challenges, Xavor engineers delivered a seamless upgrade experience that led to a performance boost without any security breaches or functional errors.


The company is heavily reliant on Agile PLM to manage production, approval, and innovation according to industry standards. However, they were on Agile version 9.3.4, which was outdated and unresponsive to the current requirements and prone to security breaches. For version 9.3.4, there were no new security patches available and the outdated security patches were more prone to newer security threats.

Also, Agile 9.3.4 interface was not powerful enough to address the current user needs and compromised employees’ productivity. Therefore, to keep up with the latest standards, the company wanted to leverage the advanced features of Agile PLM 9.3.6.

The upgrade process, while beneficial, posed several challenges:

To ensure a smooth, quick, transparent, and secure upgrade process, Xavor engineers had to be in consistent contact with the company’s team during downtime. Even during downtime, the client wanted to reduce unproductive hours and ensure operational continuity.


Xavor empowered the company to have a seamless upgrade experience through its premium upgrade tools and services. It created a cutover plan after close coordination with the company to ensure consistent communication and transparency. The planning process spanned over three months, whereas the upgrade was planned for two days and executed simultaneously.

Xavor ensured seamless import of 9.3.4 DB into 9.3.6 DB schema without any disruptions. After that, Agile PROD was handed over to the Xavor development team, which ensured the secure update of properties file with new Web client URLs and Production references like PSG, SAP, and BOM builder extra.

Xavor’s upgrade teams prioritized critical operations, verified them, and immediately shared progress with the client during the upgrade. They executed the procedures as soon as they had access, so there was no compromise on productivity.

The final stage was verifying the upgrade to ensure all web apps could be opened without any functional or performance issues. As soon as the upgrade was completed, all systems and functions were restored online to keep the organizational processes alive and in-function.

Xavor transformed the client’s Agile PLM upgrade experience by implementing its six-step protocol:

  • Performance Testing​

    Load/performance testing to assess specific requirements and avoid post-upgrade performance degradation

  • Fast Delivery​

    Delivering a fully upgraded Agile PLM with speed and agility

  • Upgrades All

    Ensuring across-the-board upgrades for all of the existing customizations

  • Decompiled Source

    Decompiling source code to ensure the correct version gets moved in case of a lost source code.

  • Upgrade Hosts

    Upgrading existing Hosting or Managed Services contract at no additional cost

  • Delta Trainings​

    Providing delta training to familiarize and prepare users for new features and fast-tracking learning period

Outcomes and Benefits

Xavor’s upgrade services not only helped the company combat the upgrade-related challenges and enhance performance but also provided several other advantages.

The company was delighted with the hassle-free and reliable upgrade experience with minimal downtime. It met evolving industry needs in line with security and other organizational protocols and improved their team’s productivity.

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